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Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs

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You can (1) jump directly to specific strategies, (2) find strategies by target audience or (3) access strategies based on the level of supporting evidence. You can also see all strategies for this NPM by clicking on the link to the left.

1. All Strategies

  • Dedicated Care Coordinators: Use dedicated care coordinators to develop relationships with families to increase timely attendance of well-child visits and respond to the needs of families.
  • Provider Alliance and Mid-Level Providers: Use a provider alliance and mid-level providers to create a “one-stop” medical home model to provide community outreach and coordination of services.
  • Provider-School Partnerships: Develop partnerships between primary care providers (PCPs) and school-based health centers (SBHC) to create an expanded medical home model based on care coordination and increase access of care.
  • Shared Care Coordination with Home Visiting: Develop early connections to a medical home model through care coordination and collaboration with home visiting.

3. Strategies by Level of Evidence